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We’ve got a lot going on this holiday season – all of the regular holiday stuff PLUS preparing for the impending release of ‘From The Headache To The Heartache’

If you’re just tuning in now, here’s the most concise explanation to date.

We’re releasing a brand new collection of songs called ‘From The Headache To The Heartache’ on February 8th, and doing what we can to fill the calendar in support of that release all through the spring of 2020.

  • The first song from this album is called “Many Miles To Go” and is very encouragingly closing in on 2000 views on YouTube, even as I type this.
  • The second single from this album is called “Crazy Is Just What I do” and will gently caress your eardrums on December 12th, 2019 and will likely be the first (only?) non-holiday single you hear this month.
  • December 12th is also a magical day for anyone who pre-ordered a CD or LP copy of the album, because we’ll be sending an advance pre-order out on that day as a special holiday gift to you.
  • January we’ll spend a little time making a music video for yet ANOTHER single. You’ll be invited to take part.

This is all very exciting news for us, and it’s been very encouraging as the colored vinyl LP copies have gained a lot of momentum on their own, and the pre-order is really starting to move.

Thank you all for coming on this crazy ride with us.
We’ll see you all real soon!


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