Seasons Greetings

Morning all,

Likely by now the floor around the tree is covered in spent wrapping paper and the more juvenile members of your tribe are sourcing out batteries for whatever noise-makers Santa brought, and you’ve likely recoiled into the corner of your sectional sofa to catch up on the social media tabloids…

Brunch is long since done, dinner is coming quickly, and you habitually stare into your smartphone curious about where your acquaintances are at in their day.

And then; Oh, hello… what’s this… a festive blog post from the Confusionaires… and wait, what’s this – they’re playing tomorrow evening? With Future Ghost Towns? At The Rocky Mountain Ice house?

It’s true… and a mere 29 hours from now you’ll be more than fed up with your current surroundings and festive formalities.

It’s time to change out of that ugly festive sweater and head downtown towards draught beer and loud guitars.

The return to normalcy is upon you.

We look forward to seeing you there! But until then… a happy whatever-you-celebrate from we three Confusionaires.

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