3 years of Confusion

Since we started talking about forming a band around Christmas time in 2016 and starting playing music together early in January 2017, remembering the anniversary of this band isn’t too difficult.

That 3 year mark is interesting, because when I think about what this band has accomplished and the regional notoriety we’ve achieved in that time, I’m particularly proud. With the official release of our second album on the horizon, the way our first album was received, and the quality of not only the last 53 performances we’ve given, but the calibre of the friends, fans, & acquaintances we’ve made along the way – it’s easy to get introspective, as well as optimistic about the future.

One moment of inspiration I’m brought back to was at our second time meeting & hanging out with our personal heroes; The Reverend Horton Heat.

Jim Heath & I were chatting and watching Jimbo Wallace climb up the side of the stage and over some precarious equipment so he could get his bass into it’s case when Jim turns to me and says “That there is one of the greatest men I know, we’ve played music 30 years together, and he’s my best friend in the whole world…” then a brief pause, and he continues “… and we’re about to watch him die.

In that moment I knew exactly what he meant, and I know I don’t have to wait another 27 years to feel that way about this band.

I can’t wait for the next show… the next tour… the next record… I eagerly await these things and relish them while they’re happening.

Happy Anniversary!


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