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Hey all,

Personally, the social media algorithms have been giving me the hard-sell for Spotify lately. They’re everywhere.

Spotify and other streaming services offer a desirable product for a nominal fee and have a lot of subscribers as a result. The Confusionaires have music on services like this, and in the next couple of weeks there’ll be even more. We have a number of listeners there and we appreciate the support we get in all forms. Make no mistake about that.

Spotify; however, has a verified reputation for paying the artists next to nothing for those streams. With an average payout of 30 cents for every 100 streams, if we were to rely solely on streaming revenue to keep this band going, we’d need to have near 3.5 million streams in order to get back into the studio and record another dozen songs, which is about 375x more than we got in the 2019 calendar year.

We like a challenge… but dang.

Fortunately, we don’t rely on much streaming services for revenue. Our performances & physical merchandise sales are our bread & butter, and our digital sales through our bandcamp site are an excellent way to support us as well.

For perspective, buying our album digitally through bandcamp site is equivalent to 2500 streams, and buying a t-shirt or a CD is similar to 6500 streams.

It’s for this reason we’ve elected to put a total of 9 songs (3 singles, + 6 other songs) from our new album up on streaming services, withholding 4 songs for our direct supporters (in hopes of growing our number of direct supporters).

For you music streaming people, please enjoy those songs. Listen to them to your heart’s content and share them with whoever you think will enjoy them. They’re there for that purpose and our intention is not to shame you into spending more money on us. But if you just gotta have those extra 4 songs, we’d wholeheartedly appreciate it if you snagged them from us. You can even listen to them before you take that step.

Dave / Conf’s.

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