Valentine’s… week?

It may be acknowledged by now; in some social circles, anyway – that Valentine’s Day was created by greeting card companies & flower shops to bridge the long, frosty gap between Christmas & Easter, thus nullifying it’s cultural significance.

Feb 15th, however, is rather important for the people of Stony Plain & the area surrounding it, as that red-letter day is NOT ONLY the anniversary of the day Duke Ellington recorded the original version of ‘Take The A-Train’ back in 1941…

AND NOT ONLY is it the day Canada adopted the Maple leaf as it’s official symbol in 1965, signified by the first raising of Canada’s official flag as we now know it…

AND NOT ONLY IS IT ALSO the anniversary of the meteor crash in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 2013…

… but it ALSO marks the triumphant 2020 return of The Confusionaires to Stony Plain, AB – this time at ‘Moonshiners’

With The Confusionaires will also be guests ‘Mitch For Mayor’ & ‘Electric Audrey 2’.

Hold on to your hats, people.

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