Hey-hey rock friends,

As you may or may not know, streaming services are a many splendored thing. They’re incredibly accessible and helpful to musicians like us to be heard by folks like you – but they cost more money than they make. So, rather than glorifying Spotify and patting ourselves on the back publicly, I’ll share some of the interesting aspects of their year end analysis with what I hope is a more humble & thankful tone than they’d provide us with.

We got a more plays and playlist adds than the previous year, for which we’re thankful – but what is interesting was that of the 36 countries that we managed to reach, Bulgaria managed to beat out everyone for streams… including our home and native land of Canada.

That’s mind-blowing. Now to end this pandemic so we can tour Europe.

As always, we love and miss playing live, and we look forward to doing so again soon!

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