Some news from abroad, featuring a little blurb about The Confusionaires in the new release column (google-translated to English):

The band Confusionaires calls its style “rockabilly of the modern era”. And this description is not for nothing. The group has the spirit of traditional rock ‘n’ roll and therefore has no fear of having fun. Quickly, Confusionaires drew attention for its unpretentious way of playing, mixing original tracks and reinterpretations of classics. As a result, they were among the first artists to perform in a distance format in Canada.

In addition, the band also released their second album, From The Headache To The Heartache. Although the instrumental is full of energy, the lyrics on the record are delicate and speak about feelings that everyone can recognize. Regarding the single I Got a Heart, the vocalist said: “[the song] provides an ironic narrative about the fragility, behind which most people like to hide”.

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