into the swing…

In a more concerted effort to spend time writing, this blog (as well as our new mailing list, a thing you should sign up for some time) is getting a little more attention. As news picks up, I’ll be aiming for a weekly update or so, but for the time being that may look like a couple times a month.

That said, there are 2 dates for you to take note of:

  • July 17th: There’ll be a live Confusionaires performance, and it will be streamed online. This is the extent of what I can tell you until the event is formally announced.
  • August 7th: An outdoor event has been proposed with some other great bands and great sponsors, benefiting a great cause. That’s all I can say until it’s officially announced.

It’s pretty wild… as a band we’ve been pretty focused on writing and tackling the logistics of being productive amid pandemia almost to the point that actual shows seem so surreal and mythical. These are exciting times and we are confident that we are selecting the right environments to ensure that people’s nerves about being out in public can be eased. We want you to both BE and FEEL safe.

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