Road Shows This Weekend

As I type this, I’m counting down to when Jayson’s illustrious chariot w/ trailer in tow pull up in front of my house. We’re headed down to Calgary to play for the responsible citizens at Mikey’s on 12th, and while we’re out on Highway 2, we’ll be be stopping in Red Deer to play for the fine patrons of The Velvet Olive.

Both shows are early, because every show in Alberta is early these days.

We encourage you to come out if you’re comfortable doing so, and keep your health and the health of others in mind as you traverse either city.

We WILL be back. Things WILL get better.

We’re all very, very tired of this COVID situation and understand any trepidation regarding going out.

Thanks for your support!

If you’re looking for other ways to support this band, check out our online store, accessible through confusionaires(dot)com


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