We had a sweet, in person, socially distant, cosmically aligned visit with the 3 of us last night and we brain stormed up some sweet ideas on how to rock & roll our way through pandemia. This was our first IRL visit since our last show in Medicine Hat.

There are really cool things on the horizon that we are really looking forward to sharing with you all.

Hey all – quick note. Aldora Records in Britain has included us in a compilation named for our song “Many Miles to Go” and do a little chatting about it in this digital publication. See it here: bit.ly/AldoraBritainRecordsIssue23

Hey all,

If you’re missing booze & band merch, the fine folks at 9910 (99ten.ca) are launching this crazy brand new program to get you outfitted with both, just in time for (home) patio season.

They’ve got Confusionaires T-shirts & LPs, and a pile of other great bands’ merchandise as well, and are itchin’ to deliver.

This is unprecedented support for the local arts community, and we are eternally thankful to be a part of it.

Hey All,

Just a note to let you all know that TODAY, and TODAY ONLY, the folks who run bandcamp(dot)com have seen fit to waive their artist fees.

That means that anything purchased through bandcamp results in 100% of your money going to the artist you’re buying from. This is a great support to your arts community.

Should you see fit, please visit OUR bandcamp site, and grab some digital or physical copies:



Hey all,

Just a message to touch base. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in the midst of these very strange times we’re living in. We are safe, and doing well. Staying focused on composing new material and hoping to share it with you before too long.

We appreciate the sacrifices you are making for you families and communities, and we look forward to gettin’ on down with all of you as soon as we can rebook the myriad of postponed shows in our calendar.

Much love,


We’ve been mentioned in a flattering light over on someparty.ca which can be seen: HERE

Scroll down about half way… but click on some of the links & videos along theway. There’s some great music being made in the country and we’re blessed to be a part of it.