The Confusionaires are an Edmonton, AB-based rock & roll trio that touts themselves as a ‘rockabilly band‘ and although their ties to traditional rock & roll are strong, their music and delivery are a few steps away from the early recordings of Rock & Roll. The Confusionaires are a rockabilly band for the modern era, and have more than just a firm grip on the spirit of Rock & Roll.

On the heels of guitar player & vocalist ‘Fat Dave’ Johnston’s previous band ‘The Fuzz Kings’ winding down, Dave figured it was time to turn up the heat on some musical conversations he’d had with bass player, Jayson Aschenmeier… and with a recent conversation with drummer, Adam Stark in mind about ‘on stage reckless abandon‘ in mind, it was time to make some introductions.

The formation of The Confusionaires was inevitable.

Since then, The Confusionaires have focused heavily on their live performances throughout Western Canada, and their impact has been assisted by their independently released debut album “Make A Little Mess” (June 2018), and the release of their sophomore album “From The Headache To The Heartache” (February 2020) which has garnered high praise in Alberta. With an energetic mixture of original music and renditions of classic songs, The Confusionaires have created a stir in the music community that has prompted them to set their sights higher, tour more, write more, and record more.

The consistently high-energy performances and musical precision that The Confusionaires deliver has created opportunities allowing them to open for numerous touring bands from Canada and The USA, opened the doors to prime placement in several festivals, and attracted the attention of all ages and walks of life. This made The Confusionaires an exemplary choice for what became the first post-COVID19 concert in Canada, with some of Alberta’s finest performers playing to 200 socially distanced attendees, adhering to Alberta Health Services guidelines for social gatherings. This; as well as other regulated private private performances, and a series of distanced recording sessions for new music have proven that The Confusionaires are ready and willing to take their brand of Rock & Roll safely and securely to the people who love it in a time when people are hungry for live music.

While doubt seems to be running wild in the music industry, there is a renewed optimism for the success of The Confusionaires.