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Below are images for Confusionaires promotion only and photographer credited wherever possible. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Confusionaires Logo (300 dpi, for use in poster design) (drawn by Tom Bagley)


Promotional poster (300 dpi, 11×17)


High-Resolution Promotional photography (photo credit WhyteWolf Photography wherever possible)

Confusionaires group shot, high Res 4     Confusionaires group shot, high Res 2

The PDF’s linked below are printer friendly and are available for technical and hospitality personnel.

Media Samples:

  • “The single “Everybody Wants What They Can’t Have”, we noticed a captivating melody and well-crafted vocals, in addition to a beautiful rhythmic work, with very lively and interesting instrumental.”
    ROADIE MUSIC (link)
  • “The Canadian band Confusionaires released their newest single on February 16th (2023). Entitled “Everybody Wants What They Can’t Have”, the song delivers an exciting Rock/Rockabilly, which stands out mainly for the great vocals, for the varied work of the rhythmic part and for the good guitar riffs, besides of course, simply addictive melodies and that stick in your head after listening.”
    ROADIE METAL (full article)
  • “…enough swing to knock over a concrete block…one of the more in-your-face rockabilly/blues hybrids I’ve heard in a while. “
    VENTS MAGAZINE (full article)
  • “…molten-hot melodicism…anything but conventional, but in an unconventional year like 2020, it could be just what the doctor ordered…A punky take on old school blues-rock.”
    SKOPE MAGAZINE (full article)
  • “…a supernatural conjuring of American blues, Canadian rockabilly and a touch of jazzy, post- alternative moxie…as unique as I could ask for …”
    NEUFUTUR (full article)
  • “…a rockabilly-crossover fan’s dream…for anyone who lives and dies by the soulfulness of good rockabilly.”
    GASHOUSE RADIO (full article)
  • “…a lot of sizzle…one of the tougher rockabilly/blues crossovers to put down once it’s been picked up…raw and unapologetically brash…”
    THE INDIESOURCE (full article)
  • “A sonic burst of static electricity shaped into furious rockabilly…will leave you drunk off its grooves no matter how big a rockabilly fan you are.”
    INDIEMUSICREVIEWS (full article) 
  • “…no fear of having fun…Although the instrumental is full of energy, the lyrics on the record are delicate and speak about feelings that everyone can recognize.”
    ZIMEL (full article)
  • “…a nice middle ground in the rockabilly rage-fest…Cerebral in their songwriting style… but unafraid of some straightforward rock n’ roll …this is a group that will surprise you around every twist and turn…”
    THE HOLLYWOOD DIGEST (full article)
  • “Set to a swaggering beat that could make listeners of all ages want to kick aside their chairs and take to the dancefloor… a seriously good time just when we needed one the most.”
    INDIEPULSE MAGAZINE (full article) 
  • “…a formidable, under-three minute juggernaut…”
    TOO MUCH LOVE (full article)
  • The Edmonton Muse ‘From The Headache To The Heartache’ Interview – Feb 2020
  • Edmonton Journal – ‘Blending Genres’ Interview – Feb 2020
  • GigCity – ‘LISTEN HERE’ Interview – Feb 2020
  • The edmonton Muse – ‘Make A Little Mess’ Album Review – June 2018 (pdf)
  • Edmonton Journal – ‘Make A Little Mess’ Interview – June 2018 (pdf)

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