Hey all,

If’n you haven’t yet heard, well be playing NEW YEARS EVE at The Black Dog. It’s the place to be to ring in 2022 and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Hey all, we’re excited to share this new Live-In-Studio video of ‘Out There On The Limb‘ from the Jerk Reaction Vol. 1 EP. We hope you enjoy it enough to share it with someone you think we’ll be into it!

We appreciate the support we get from our community so much, and we look forward to posting another video from this session in a few weeks!

We’ve officially started a working relationship with a manager, Jessi Toms. Jessi Toms is a firecracker of epic proportions and has been on the sidelines for every step we’ve taken as a band. She gave us our very first show (and several since) and has been a great supporter and ambassador of all things Confusionaires.

She’s also an incredibly well-organized go-getter with a myriad of experience as a business owner and operator and is a born networker and innovator.

We’re lucky to have her at the table and we’re looking very optimistically at 2022 and beyond.

That’s how you pluralize it… don’t @ me.

We’re sitting pretty here, a week after Jerk Reaction Vol. 2 was released and seeing the digital orders come in through the bandcamp site is both encouraging and heartwarming as we enter the season of consumption. Thanks for lending us an ear and throwing a few bucks our way.

We’re excited for the coming year with several opportunities already revealing themselves. We’re looking forward to pushing another live video out the door here, which will be posted to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook – so if & when you see it, please share it with your brood. It’s infinitely helpful to our cause. we’ll be releasing video content throughout the winter months as we prepare for spring and as we prepare to release more music in 2022.

Thanks so much for you support!

Thanks to all who clicked & paid, or streamed “Jerk Reaction Vol. 2” this weekend, and also to those who came and saw Dave at The Cask & Barrell on Saturday afternoon. All in all, it was a great weekend! We truly appreciate the support we receive from all of you.

We’re excited to bring you all more music in 2022!

Hey all,

Fat Dave is playing a solo matinee show today at The Cask & Barrell in Edmonton. Performances like this are very few and extremely far between, so please stop in and throw a couple nickels in the bucket to show your support. He’ll be drawing from the Confusionaires song catalogue as well as the previous 2 decades of writing.

Starts at 4pm, and minors are welcome.

Cover is by donation / pass the hat.

Hey folks.

We’re elated to let you know that Jerk Reaction Vol. 2 is being released to digital platforms on November 26, 2021 – and although there is no formal plan at this point to see this released in a physical format, things change rapidly these days, and we can anticipate some copies trickling out at shows in 2022 if all goes well.

PRE-SALES COMING THIS WEEK so keep an eye peeled, please.

That said, we’ve got designs on releasing another full length album next year as well.

Though there’s nothing on the calendar at the moment, Dave will be playing a pair of solo sets at The Cask & Barrell on November 27th (the day after jerk Reaction Vol 2 releases) so you might consider showing some patronage down there.

We love & miss you
Thanks to everyone who came down to The Black Dog last weekend to see CRUCIFIXIONAIRES – it was a total blast.