Hey All,

Quick update time – Last week we announced our participation in the Ravenwood Experience which we’re rather excited about. Shortly thereafter, we learned that we are headlining the Saturday Night, which is a huge honour. We ALSO said ‘stay tuned because they may allow a live audience if AHS regulations permit.’

Well, AHS regulations DO permit for a small audience to gather and see the show indoors.

We’ve also got another announcement coming for another show in another outlying area not far from Edmonton, which will be a fantastic lineup.

In a more concerted effort to spend time writing, this blog (as well as our new mailing list, a thing you should sign up for some time) is getting a little more attention. As news picks up, I’ll be aiming for a weekly update or so, but for the time being that may look like a couple times a month.

That said, there are 2 dates for you to take note of:

  • July 17th: There’ll be a live Confusionaires performance, and it will be streamed online. This is the extent of what I can tell you until the event is formally announced.
  • August 7th: An outdoor event has been proposed with some other great bands and great sponsors, benefiting a great cause. That’s all I can say until it’s officially announced.

It’s pretty wild… as a band we’ve been pretty focused on writing and tackling the logistics of being productive amid pandemia almost to the point that actual shows seem so surreal and mythical. These are exciting times and we are confident that we are selecting the right environments to ensure that people’s nerves about being out in public can be eased. We want you to both BE and FEEL safe.

Hi Rock Friends

As many of you are aware, social media can be a bit of an uncertainty when it comes to promotion, an as a result it means being relentless in the pursuit of ‘clicks‘ and ‘likes‘ and ‘shares‘ – and although it DOES give us a warm fuzzy feeling when we see those ‘likes‘ and ‘shares‘ – we would MUCH rather focus on Rock & Roll.

So we’re hoping we can open a direct line to you by way of an email list. I know that might seem impersonal, but would allow us to do more of what we love, which we’re under the self-flattering assumption is also what you love!

So with that in mind, we’d love to converse with you more directly and give you the straight goods before anyone else. We’ll still post to social media, of course – but we’d hate for you to miss out on opportunities to snag rare records… and t-shirts before we run out of your size… and that sorta thing.

No pressure… but… it’ll rule, because we love doing fun stuff, and giving stuff away, and this will expediate that process.

And we won’t just endlessly fill your inbox with useless junk – THAT, I can assure you. This junk has several uses.

Success! You're on the list.

Hey friends,

There are some days when being situated in Alberta weighs heavy. Heavier than other days; anyway, and though I intend to spare you the details on our opinions of Alberta’s leadership through this pandemic, I will say that now more than ever is the time to safely reach out to your people and check in.

We’ve been laying kinda low, it’s true, but we’re very happy to say that some music that we tracked through the isolation times of 2020 will see the light of day before long.

Songs are being mixed right now, we’ll be able to gradually share them through the next little while as we sort out a new batch of songs to be released next year. This is how we’re rolling right now and it’s very exciting, but it’s timely.

We appreciate all the love we get and we’re excited to share these songs & stories with you.

See you soon,

Strange anniversary. A year ago everyone’s lives fell apart – ours included.

I won’t profess to have a more salacious story than anyone else, as the vast number of posts you’re no doubt seeing on this day will paint a much darker picture. That doesn’t make March 16th 2020 any less memorable for anyone.

As a band, we’re fortunate to not have lost anyone particularly close to us, despite the preventable losses of important members of the local and international music communities due to complications resulting from Covid-19. We’ve seen some live music venues go down, though – which is a travesty. (Please visit https://www.supportcanadianvenues.ca/ and take action with us and the rest of this community). Regrettably, we’ve also seen some members of the music community become sick, and in some cases, pass away. Our thoughts are with their loved ones.

All The Confusionaires lost was shows and momentum, and truthfully we’re blessed because of the minimal damage we weathered. Our full calendar of shows disappeared before our eyes, and it took months before we were able to really coordinate a meeting of the minds to figure out how to move forward. Needless to say, we did, and we will pick up where we left off.

We managed to continue to move our (then) brand new record, thereby making the vinyl go out of print, and sold lots of merch online (https://confusionaires.myshopify.com/). We’re grateful for every nickel that’s come our way and we’re excited to continue to move forward with new music. It’s coming, I promise.

Please continue to take care of yourselves and each other.


Hey everyone,

Our online store was pretty busy for a bit there, so for ease of use I moved it over to a http://confusionaires.myshopify.com/, which promptly saw business drop off to a snail’s pace, which… sucks.

Well, it turns out that our shipping rates were set WAY out to lunch and probably annoyed a handful of people! If you were one of those people, we are VERY sorry about that. We’ve since located the issue and reset some rates to much more reasonable levels, and the site is good to go now.

So, please forgive our ignorance.

Also: Very soon we’ll be adding some new items with a brand new design, ordering some new sized we’ve run out of, AND posting some old items that have been kicking around. Stay tuned, or watch for our inevitable posts on the subject as things unfold!

Hey friends,

It’s pretty hard to believe that exactly a year ago today we were playing to a frenzied, sweaty, shoulder-to-shoulder rock & roll release party for what has turned out to be a very successful album for us – From The Headache To The Heartache!

Thanks to our amazing fans and partners (for lack of a better term) the album has sold out of it’s first run on vinyl and been given critical acclaim across the world! If you’re reading this, you’ve been a part of this, and you’ve helped to make 2020 the best it could possibly be for The Confusionaires.

We’ve spent some of our quarantine time together writing and recording new songs, and we’re excited to build on what’s already happened.

Thank you so much.