2 pieces of excellent news!

  1. We’re playing at moonshiners in Stony Plain, AB TONIGHT! w/ Mitch for Mayor and Electric Audrey 2. The show starts at 9pm and there’s great bands all night – we’re sandwiched right in the middle!
  2. We’ve been included in a compilation! A lovely punk rock label out of South Carolina has seen fit to include our song ‘Many Miles To Go’ on their list, and we’re eternally grateful. Give it a listen! It’s at: https://rivermonsterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/river-monster-records-presents-monster-compster-vol-5

See you tonight!

It may be acknowledged by now; in some social circles, anyway – that Valentine’s Day was created by greeting card companies & flower shops to bridge the long, frosty gap between Christmas & Easter, thus nullifying it’s cultural significance.

Feb 15th, however, is rather important for the people of Stony Plain & the area surrounding it, as that red-letter day is NOT ONLY the anniversary of the day Duke Ellington recorded the original version of ‘Take The A-Train’ back in 1941…

AND NOT ONLY is it the day Canada adopted the Maple leaf as it’s official symbol in 1965, signified by the first raising of Canada’s official flag as we now know it…

AND NOT ONLY IS IT ALSO the anniversary of the meteor crash in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 2013…

… but it ALSO marks the triumphant 2020 return of The Confusionaires to Stony Plain, AB – this time at ‘Moonshiners’

With The Confusionaires will also be guests ‘Mitch For Mayor’ & ‘Electric Audrey 2’.

Hold on to your hats, people.

Feb 8th is fast approaching and we’re very excited to see you at The Aviary for the official album release.

By now you may have seen some other show announcements, but many may not be in your neck of the woods – REST ASSURED that a full compiled list is coming.

Thank you all for your album pre-orders. You probably don’t don’t know how helpful and encouraging they are!

We’ll see you real soon.

Last weekend we shot a video for “Sour Mash” at Blakbar, which is our fun new single that we’re gearing up to release… all while Nolan at @NoQuestionWho busts his hump to compile all that footage so we can release the single & the video all at once on Jan 30th!

Thanks to everyone who got involved.

Special thanks to Blakbar, Rod Gillis, Jessi Toms from Edmonton Muse, Richard Pearce from WhyteWolf Photo, and the folks who came out & danced!

Hey all,

Personally, the social media algorithms have been giving me the hard-sell for Spotify lately. They’re everywhere.

Spotify and other streaming services offer a desirable product for a nominal fee and have a lot of subscribers as a result. The Confusionaires have music on services like this, and in the next couple of weeks there’ll be even more. We have a number of listeners there and we appreciate the support we get in all forms. Make no mistake about that.

Spotify; however, has a verified reputation for paying the artists next to nothing for those streams. With an average payout of 30 cents for every 100 streams, if we were to rely solely on streaming revenue to keep this band going, we’d need to have near 3.5 million streams in order to get back into the studio and record another dozen songs, which is about 375x more than we got in the 2019 calendar year.

We like a challenge… but dang.

Fortunately, we don’t rely on much streaming services for revenue. Our performances & physical merchandise sales are our bread & butter, and our digital sales through our bandcamp site are an excellent way to support us as well.

For perspective, buying our album digitally through bandcamp site is equivalent to 2500 streams, and buying a t-shirt or a CD is similar to 6500 streams.

It’s for this reason we’ve elected to put a total of 9 songs (3 singles, + 6 other songs) from our new album up on streaming services, withholding 4 songs for our direct supporters (in hopes of growing our number of direct supporters).

For you music streaming people, please enjoy those songs. Listen to them to your heart’s content and share them with whoever you think will enjoy them. They’re there for that purpose and our intention is not to shame you into spending more money on us. But if you just gotta have those extra 4 songs, we’d wholeheartedly appreciate it if you snagged them from us. You can even listen to them before you take that step.

Dave / Conf’s.

Big thanks to everyone who came out to Blakbar last night. The shoot went really well and you were all super helpful in getting the story across. Special thanks to Blakbar, The Edmonton Muse, NoQuestionWho, WhyteWolf Photography… this city is better with you in it.

We just learned that over on Shakin’ Katz Radio that “You Know I’m right” from our first album ‘Make a little mess with…‘ was the 8th most requested song of 2019.

Super-encouraging, and we’re in real good company on that list with the likes of The Devil’s Sons, Raygun Cowboys, Gutter Demons…

I highly recommend seeing what they’re all about over there if you’re not already in-the-know.


Hey all,

Please mark your Calendars – February 8th will be our official album release for “From The Headache To The Heartache” at The Aviary in Edmonton! There’s a facebook event right here, please rsvp & share if you’re on that platform!

Advance tickets: https://yeglive.ca/events/the-confusionaires/feb-8-2020/aviary

Vinyl copies are in very limited supply, so don’t hesitate to pre-order if you haven’t done so already!